What is the best age for a face lift?

When considering what is the best age for a facelift, there are several factors that can help you decide. Typically, patients are counseled to wait until they are at least five years old before even considering a facelift procedure. While age is not an issue for everyone, many people are surprised to find out how quickly a facelift procedure can take effect. If you are considering a Facelift, it is important to understand that will best work for you in these critical years. There are several age groups that might have different expectations when it comes to a facelift procedure.

Age-related changes that occur as we age are very natural and occur with greater frequency in many people. This is why age is one of the most common factors that influence the outcome of a facelift surgery. It is also one of the most unpredictable factors, making any advice given a bit more cautious than normal. As you get older, the skin typically thins out, and sagging is often inevitable. With a proper exercise program and a balanced diet, weight loss is not usually the first thing that a cosmetic plastic surgeon will recommend for treating sagging skin. Many times, patients are surprised to learn that weight loss is a common factor with a facelift surgery.

Another common factor is a patient’s facial proportions. People who are considered underweight or overweight face wrinkles, drooping skin, and sagging beneath the eyes more frequently than those who are considered closer to the ideal weight. Women are more likely than men to be underweight, especially during the time of their lives when sagging facial skin and wrinkles are most common. Women who want to rejuvenate their facial skin and regain their youthful appearance often seek a facelift procedure.

When you ask what is the best age for a Facelift? There are actually several answers to this question, and there is usually a biological and physiological reason that help determine the best age for a Facelift. Your body type and your genetic makeup are two things that can play a large role in the success of a Facelift surgery.

Your body type is determined by your bone and muscle density. You may have a small amount of extra facial skin, or you may have sagging facial skin that needs help to restore balance. You also have to consider your overall health, and your psychological makeup, since these factors can help determine your success in a Facelift procedure as well. If your emotional state makes you more or less likely to fail at a Facelift surgery, you should definitely consider postponing your surgery until you have dealt with your emotional issues more.

Finally, your body type and your facial skin sagging can both be influenced by your age. The best age for a Facelift? Any age, really, since some people have sagging facial skin even as young as their twenties, and others still look young even in their thirties. But if you are older than you would like, and you are thinking of getting a Facelift, you should discuss it with your doctor before your surgery date, so that you will know if a Facelift is right for you, and how effective it will be in your case.

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