What is included in a Facelift?

The question of what is included in a facelift is one often asked by plastic surgeons who are conducting a study of the market and trying to come up with a product or procedure that will help increase the revenue of their practice. Facelifts are extremely popular, and almost all plastic surgeons do some type of Facelift surgery. They use lasers and other modern technology to make the cuts. The actual surgery can be very successful, though there can be complications that patients should know about. Also, there can be burns, infections and other problems that can occur after the surgery, which will need to be addressed as well.

What is included in a facelift is the facelift itself, which is a form of surgery that reshapes the skin of the face. The surgeon will use lasers, as well as cutting and sanding procedures, to alter the look of the face and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The surgeon can change the length of the chin, shorten the nose and change the size of the eyes. He or she can reshape the jawline and pull up the cheeks. The result is a much younger look for the face, which improves self-esteem and reduces stress.

Other Procedures A facelift usually involves very small procedures that do not involve cutting or sanding. Instead, the surgeon uses an endoscopic scope to create new skin and also repair any damage that would have been created by the original surgery. The wound is closed with small sutures. This type of surgery is very effective at taking away scars, but it can also be very painful for some people.

There is also liposuction involved. Liposuction works by removing excess fat from the body without having to cut or suture the skin. Instead, the excess fat is suctioned out and then the tissue is stitched back. This will leave more skin available to the rest of the body. Some of the most popular areas where liposuction is used is arms, legs, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and faces.

Recovery The length of time for recovery depends on the type of procedure you have and also on your overall health. For some patients, the recovery time is as little as two weeks. For others, it can take several months.

What are the Costs Of A Facelift Most cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, but in some cases, such as a facelift, there are financing options available through your doctor or the company that you work for. In general, the cost of the procedure depends on what type of procedure you have and how large your surgery is. Some facelifts can be done in less than one week and others can take several months. Your doctor should be able to provide you with all of the information you need to estimate the total cost. In some cases, the entire procedure will be covered by Medicare.

What Are The Benefits If you have never had a facelift done before, you may wonder what the benefit is. Aside from looking younger, many people who have had the procedure find they feel more comfortable and confident about their appearance. There is less hair to comb and less fat on the skin, so recovery is faster and you will end up looking skin tighter and younger-looking. It is even possible to get some of the fat and skin removed during the procedure.

What is included in a facelift does depend on the company you choose for your surgery. Many major plastic surgery companies have their own line of products. You can get these at your doctor’s office or over the Internet. They will probably include a short video with additional information about the procedure, recovery and any risks or benefits you may experience. However, talking to your doctor is the best way to learn more about what is included in a facelift.

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