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If you are considering facial plastic surgery in Seattle Washington - in particular a facelift contact Top Seattle facial plastic surgeon William A. Portuese. Board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery. William Portuese MD is the current president of the Washington State Chapter of Facial Plastic Surgeons.

William Portuese MD is also a Clinical Instructor in the Dept. of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Washington, and the author of numerous publications in his field. He regularly gives presentations about facial plastic surgery on local, national and international levels.

When the facial aging process begins to take place and the face is sometimes out of harmony with the eyelids or forehead, some patients become self-conscious. And when patients state that they look older than they truly feel or their friends tell them that they look tired and not well rested, a facelift or a neck lift is performed. The facelift or necklift is a very popular procedure done frequently in the United States and it is in the top 1/3 in popularity of all cosmetic procedures performed on the face. The facelift is done for cosmetic reasons, and it is a facial procedure that is done on the face and neck to rejuvenate the face. This facial procedure tightens up lax facial skin, neck skin and muscles, jowls, and addresses neck fat as well. It also tightens the muscles in the face, the posterior portion of the neck and the front portion of the neck. Excess skin is removed around the ears and fat is removed underneath the neck.

There are three components that are addressed with a facelift in Seattle - Bellevue Washington. The first one is the fat in the neck, which is removed with both direct and indirect liposuction and fat sculpting. The second component is muscle, which is tightened underneath the neck to redefine the jaw line, tighten behind the jaw line to accentuate the posterior portion of the jaw line, and it is tightened up at the cheek area to lift the jowls. The third component of a facelift is excess skin. Once the muscles have been tightened and the fat has been removed, there is usually excess skin that has to be trimmed in a very conservative fashion. All three of these components must be addressed to have a very natural and good looking symmetrical facelift. Most close family members and friends do not even recognize the fact that a patient has had a facelift or neck lift. They just look more well rested, refreshed, and look as though they have lost weight. The weight loss appearance comes from the removal of fat in the neck.

There are different types of facelifts that are performed at The Seattle Facelift Center®. There is a traditional facelift, which addresses a full facelift and neck lift. This addresses facial skin laxity, the jowls and all of the neck fat and laxity of the muscles in the neck. There is also a mini facelift, which is done for simple facial laxity to lift the jowls only and does not address the neck area. This is typically done on younger patients less than 50 years old who just have jowling but have an adequate jaw neck line. There is also a neck lift alone, which can usually be done on patients who are less than 50 years old, to address only neck fat and redefine the jaw line, but it does nothing for the jowls and facial laxity.

A facelift can be done as a stand-alone procedure, or it can be done in conjunction with other top facelift procedures, such as eyelid surgery or nasal surgery or rhinoplasty. The best facelift candidate in Seattle Washington is a woman or man in good health whose face, neck, and jowls have begun to sag. It helps to have some good elasticity left in the neck skin, so that the result will be longer lasting. The average age of patients having a facelift performed are between forty and sixty, but occasionally patients at The Seattle Facelift Center® have had this procedure in their seventies. A facelift is not going to give the patient a totally different look, but will restore skin and muscle structure to the way it once looked. For the best outcome for a facelift in Seattle WA - Bellevue WA contact us today.

The Seattle Facelift much like nasal reshaping is a common facial procedure done today that addresses the facial changes of aging and is usually done on men and women in their late 40’s and on into their late 60’s. The surgical procedure primarily addresses the aging face that includes the jowls and the aging neck. The jowls are formed from gravity which pulls down the buccal fat pad area and cheek fat, and descends downward and hangs over the jawline creating an aging face. The goal of the facelift is to tighten the jowls and re-suspend them up into the facial buccal fat pad space so as to give a natural look. The neck is addressed by removing fat above and below the platysma muscle and this is performed with a combination of liposuction, sculpting and surgical removal of the fat underneath the muscle. The platysma muscle is then tightened in the front part of the neck above the Adam’s apple to give a new defined jawline and the anterior platysma bands are transected down low to remove the two cords in the front portion of the neck. The excess skin is then tightened from behind the ears to allow the skin to re-drape into a rejuvenated new neckline. The incisions are placed in front and behind the ears and are done in such a fashion that they are minimally detectable once they are healed and the hairline doesn’t shift, keeping a natural look. There is also a small incision underneath the chin for access to the neck. The facial muscles including the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) are tightened to give a rejuvenated look. Post operatively, there are no “mummy wraps” placed around the face, only two small drains that are inserted underneath the skin in the neck which remain in place for two days after the facelift. General anesthesia is used for the face lift and administered by a board certified physician anesthesiologist from Swedish Medical Center. The procedure takes approximately 3 hours to perform and then patients will go to the recovery room for an additional two hours or so to recover from the anesthetic before being discharged to home. Out of town patients must spend at least a week to ten days in Seattle Washington prior to going back home and there are four hotels within one block of the office that are used for many of our out of town patients. Please review our before and after photos which show the extent of Seattle facial plastic surgeon Dr. Portuese’s skill and the natural results of a facelift.

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